Renovations & Remodels Since 1981

Church Interiors has worked with churches, both big and small, helping them to realize their visions with professional and cost-effective services.

Church Interiors has fulfilled renovating and remodeling projects for churches since 1981. Our team has worked with small chapels (seating less than 100 people) to larger scale sanctuaries (seating over 5,000), which include churches listed on the Historical Registry. There are project consultants and installers within our Nationwide Dealer Network, eagerly awaiting to help perform improvements to your church, big or small.

Professional quailty, with respect

We understand that your renovation committee has an obligation to produce a beautiful church or sanctuary at the lowest possible cost, causing little or no disruption to services, which is why our team of professionals have that same goal in mind.

Your style of worship is important and we are sensitive to your individual needs. Church Interiors evaluates the existing facility architecture, as well as the needs and desires of your congregation and staff before we ever make the first recommendation. Some of our completed projects are exhibited in our gallery. We encourage you to look over the photos to see how your construction project can benefit from the expertise of our team of professionals regarding your church remodeling, decorating, restoration or renovating task. New church renovations and decorations will beautify your existing areas of worship including stained glass windows, carpet, pew pads / cushions, lighting, upholstery, plus more!

Church Interiors, established in 1981, is the nation's leading church restoration, renovations and remodeling specialist. Services performed by our team include church remodeling, renovations and decorating. Specific areas of service by our experts include chairs, pews, church furniture upholstering, theatre seating, carpet, pulpits, multimedia, and pew cushions / upholstery restoration and refinishing.

Church Interiors has been working with churches on building projects and renovations for many years. Our team of professionals has developed a line of church services and quality products to meet your specific furnishing needs. We offer complete interior design services, if you want a completely new look or design, or we can simply replace or restore existing furnishings. We are committed to producing a beautiful church or sanctuary area for your facility, no matter your specific needs.